Your iPhone has 10 Harry Potter spells

Potter fans can bring the magic to their iPhone with a few special tricks.

1. Lumos Probably one of the most well-known Potter spells is Lumos. you can ask your iPhone to light up too – or your iPhone’s torch at least. Just say: “Hey Siri, Lumos.”

2. Nox Lumos wouldn’t be complete without the ability to switch your torch off too. Just say: “Hey Siri, Nox.”

3. Accio Accio is used by magic folk to summon objects to them. Just say: “Hey Siri, Accio” and the app’s name.

4. Lumos Maxima Search for “Set Torch” and select it.>>“Turn torch on.”>>set the brightness right up>>name it “Lumos Maxima” >> “Hey Siri, Lumos Maxima”

5. Silencio Silencio does what it says on the tin – silence. Search “Set focus” & tap Off so it changes to On. Name it “Silencio” Now “Hey Siri, Silencio,” For do not disturb mode.

6. Muffliato Muffliato is used for private conversations.Search “Set Volume” and take the percentage right down. Name it “Muffliato” & say “Hey Siri, Muffliato,” it’ll turn the volume right down.

7. Sonorus Sonorus is ideal when you want to turn the volume right up. set the volume higher and name it “Sonorus” When you say “Hey Siri, Sonorus,” it’ll crank up.

8. Quietus Repeat the same process but go for a medium volume instead, like 50 percent. When you say “Hey Siri, Quietus,” it’ll get working.

9. Homenum Revelio Homenum Revelio reveals who is in your presence. Simply search “Open URLs” and add it. Set the URL to “findmyfriends://” Then say: “Hey Siri, Homenum Revelio.”

10. Point Me Need help getting about? Search compass and rename it “Point Me.” Then say: “Hey Siri, Point Me.”