Why was Eric Church Houston Cancelled?

Country music star Eric Church is trading in his shades for Carolina blue this weekend.

Church announced the last-minute cancellation of his upcoming concert in Texas so he could watch the No. 8 North Carolina Tar Heels at the NCAA Tournament on April 2.

The Tar Heels are set to face rival No. 2 Duke in the Final Four.

In a message on Ticketmaster, the 44-year-old musician explained to his fan club, the “Church Choir,” he’ll be in attendance in New Orleans to cheer

“As a lifelong Carolina basketball fan, I’ve watched Carolina and Duke battle over the years,” Church said.

“But to have them matchup in the Final Four for the first time in the history of the NCAA Tournament is any sports enthusiast’s dream,”

Church was expected to perform at the AT&T Center as part of his “The Gather Again Tour” on the evening of the Tar Heels’ big game — the tour’s only stop in San Antonio

Church, a North Carolina native, is routinely found courtside or on the sidelines during Tar Heels basketball and football games

He traveled to Philadelphia last weekend as the Tar Heels booked their ticket to New Orleans.

He thanked fans for allowing him to go to the game before quoting the late Tar Heels basketball broadcaster Woody Durham, “Go where you go and do what you do.”

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