Why Florida teen reject  Elon Musk offered ?

Elon is the founder, CEO, and Chief Engineer at SpaceX

19 year old Jack Sweeney from florida got a offer of $5,000 by Elon Musk.

 Jack Sweeney rejected a $5,000 offer from Elon Musk to delete his Twitter account that tracks the billionaire's private jet.

He uses a bot that Sweeney developed to monitor Musk's flights.

Then tweets out when and where the plane takes off or lands and the duration of each trip.

jack has developed about a dozen other flight bot accounts that track the travels of high-profile tech titans,

Can you take this down?," Musk asked Sweeney. "It's a security risk.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO eventually offered the teenager $5,000 to help prevent from tracking his flights.

Sweeney asking for $50,000, saying he could use the money for college and maybe a Tesla Model 3.