Dua Lipa Accidentally Throws HerMicrophone Into The Crowd WhilePerforming

Accidents can happen to anyone, even international popstars

Despite the small hiccup in D.C., Dua’s tour seems like it’s been going great!

The 26-year-old singer was singing and dancing along with her hit “New Rules"

she accidentally tossed the microphone in the middle of the song

 Dua Lipa had a small flub during her Washington D.C. stop on her “Future Nostalgia” tour on Wednesday March 2.

But she was a complete professional and quickly moved on, before getting a new mic!

Dua reached down to try to grab it, and she looked like she laughed, as she delivered the lines.

she just went with the flow and did a little dance and took the time to just vibe with the music