Who wrote Stuart Little?

THE STORY of a tiny mouse wandering New York City while adjusting to life with his new adoptive family has touched people all over the world.

Stuart Little's international success has cemented him in the elite category of cinematography.

The charming story of the courageous little mouse Stuart was originally penned by American author E. B. White.

The realistic yet fanciful story of the tiny animal's turbulent life living with his family in New York proved a hit across the world.

It was the first children's book that White wrote, after he was inspired by a dream about "a tiny boy who acted rather like a rat."

He was known for his love of animals and the outdoors thanks to his upbringing in Mount Vernon.

The editor at the firm was intent on sharing Stuart Little with the world and the book was finally completed in 1945.

The protagonist of the whimsical tale Stuart Little is inspired by White's rousing dream about a boy who behaved like a rat.

Stuart Little is voiced by esteemed Canadian actor Michael J. Fox in the movie.

The 1999 film was based on the tale written by American author E. B. White