When Pete Davidson debut on Hulu series

STREAMS of fans have craved to know when Kim Kardashian's boyfriend will be making his Hulu debut.

It's now been revealed when Pete Davidson will be appearing in his girlfriend's new series.

Kim, 41, is set to hit the small screen in a big way on April 14th.

But on if - and when - fans will see Pete, 28, on-screen, a source told TMZ they will have to wait.

Pete will "not" be on-camera in Season 1, the source said.

Kim, however, "will discuss her relationship" in the show premiering April 14th and his grand debut is in the works.

Pete will be on the periphery for Season 1 but that doesn't mean his presence won't be felt - nor does it mean Pete scenes aren't underway.

An earlier clip revealed her new man was mentioned as mom Kris Jenner, 66, asked who Kim was texting while smiling and if his name rhymes with "beat."

And the source told TMZ that cameras "were rolling when Kim and Pete interacted through the night" at her Hulu premiere in LA on Thursday.

"Including when they got in the car together and left for dinner at Jon & Vinny's," they added.