Meghan Markle’s floral fumble with royal aides


A bouquet of roses caught Meghan Markle in an embarrassing situation.

when Prince Harry, Kate Middleton, Prince William, and others are grieving the passing of Queen Elizabeth II

When a royal attendant approached Markle to ask whether he could remove the flowers from her hands, Markle was still clutching the bouquet.

Markle appeared to decline the offer and told the aide she was going to put them down herself

But moments later, another aide walked up to take flowers that Harry got from a member of the public and then reached for Markle’s bouquet, too

The “Suits” alum seemed to resist at first, but after the aide appeared to explain the situation

Markle obliged and handed over the floral arrangement.

Several Twitter users surmised that Markle wanted to hold on to the flowers and place them down at the fence for photo-op purposes.

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