Kendall Jenner gets rid of her eyebrows and frees her nipples for the Met Gala 2022

Kendall Jenner's bleached eyebrows and nipples at the 2022 Met Gala were a big draw.

26-year-old "Kardashians” star buffed her eyebrows and wore a Prada outfit consisting of a sheer crop top with a full black skirt.

Because the Kardashian-Jenners can't resist a brand opportunity

Kendall's glow was created by Kendall's Kylie x Kendall Blush & Highlighter Quad and Pressed Bronze Powder in "tequila tan".

Kybrow Gel was used to manage Kendall's thick, but almost invisible, brows.

For Fashion's Biggest Night Out, the model wore a full-length black skirt and sheer crop top.

Mary Phillips, a makeup artist, is responsible for the star's striking glam.