Katy Perry pants SPLIT during performance

Katty's pants SPLIT wide open in a wardrobe malfunction on Monday's episode of American Idol.

KATY Perry's live performance of Teenage Dream quickly turned into a nightmare.

Katy, 37, ripped into a surprise rendition of her 2009 hit Teenage Dream

The hitmaker paired the lyrically appropriate pants - the No. 1 single mentions "skintight jeans"

She was accompanied by judges Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie who sang along with piano backing until the tear.

As Katy sang the "skintight jeans" portion of the song, a RIP was audible as she bent down crooning.

 Luke, 45, yelled, while the contestants started to laugh and pointed and a show logo covered up the evidence.

Katy then begged for assistance, cutting the song short and asking "can I get some tape - some gaffer tape?"

The star then remained bent over the judge's table as crew as well as Luke began taping up her red pants with yellow tape.

Katy then continued on with the show as a large yellow T of tape could be seen across her rear end