Inside Putin’s $700M yacht,complete with golde toilet paper holder

Vladimir Putin spared no expense on his alleged $700 million superyacht

golden toilet paper holders

Construction; however, anti-Kremlin activists recently claimed that it is indeed Putin’s

“It’s like a mini city,” an unnamed worker reportedly involved in its construction told the Sun of the 495-foot luxury vessel, which is moored in Marina di Carrara in Italy.

“There are countless swimming pools, a spa, a sauna, a theatre, ballrooms, a gym, two helipads.”

Scheherazade — the opulent watercraft was reportedly estimated at £500 million ($6.6 million), although insider sources price it closer to £750 million ($990 million).

There are also bathrooms outfitted with King Midas-evoking gold taps and toilet paper holders, plus a tile dance floor that converts into a pool

Scheherazade is thought to be one of only two ships in the world with that feature, the Sun reported; the other is Putin’s second yacht, Graceful

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