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Hunter Biden’s marriage to Melissa Cohen is on the rocks

Hunter Biden's marriage to filmmaker Melissa Cohen is in jeopardy due to the federal investigation into him.

According to sources close to the President's errant son, Hunter and his South African wife are "frustrated because they are under lockdown."

"They never go anywhere because they've been told to stay out of sight," a source close to the couple said.

and away from the cameras while the investigation into Hunter continues.

"To add to the pressure, the Secret Service lives next door in a much larger mansion, and they keep a close eye on Hunter like hawks."

Hunter, 52, Melissa, 35, and their baby Beau have been mostly confined to their $20,000-a-month three-bedroom rented home in Little Rock, Malibu

They have only ventured out for trips to the White House for family events like the July 4 fireworks

while Melissa has taken the occasional outing but is always surrounded by Secret Service agents.

The couple married in a surprise ceremony in 2019 just days after meeting one another, and welcomed their son Beau in March 2020.

Hunter, 52, could face charges related to possible tax or foreign lobbying violations, Fox News and CNN reported.