Hailey Bieber had heart surgery after ‘scary’ blood clot caused mini stroke

Hailey Bieber underwent heart surgery after suffering a “mini stroke” last month.

After being rushed to a Palm Springs area hospital last month with stroke-like symptoms,

Bieber discovered she had a blood clot which travelled to her brain and caused a transient ischemic attack (TIA).

Hailey Bieber has undergone heart surgery after suffering a “mini stroke.”

“They found that I had a grade five which is the highest grade you can have. Mine was fairly large.

She shared a snap of herself undergoing tests at UCLA.

The wife of Justin Bieber said she was “just grateful that they found it,

Baldwin’s husband Justin Bieber previously opened up about her “scary” medical emergency.

Justin, 28, previously got candid about her health scare, describing the situation as “really scary.”