Dan Reeves  NFL Head Coach

Daniel Edward Reeves Born January 19, 1944

Daniel Edward Reeves was an American football running back and coach in the National Football League (NFL). During his 38 years in the NFL

Throughout his long and successful career in the NFL as a player and coach, Dan Reeves participated in nine Super Bowls.

Reeves remains the only person to have ever appeared in multiple Super Bowls as both a player and a coach.

In eight seasons as a running back for the Cowboys, Reeves went to two Super Bowls and was part of Dallas' Super Bowl VI-winning team in the 1971 season

He would go on to become an assistant coach with the Cowboys and was part of three Super Bowl trips and one victory before moving on to a long and distinguished career as an NFL head coach.

He was a success with every franchise he was a part of who played alongside and coached myriad Hall of Famers

His career concluded over seven seasons leading the Falcons. Reeves piloted the "Dirty Bird" Falcons of 1998 as the team finished the regular season at 14-2

Ultimately left a lasting legacy in nearly four decades in the NFL