Cardi B Deletes Twitter Account After Fans Attack

Cardi B abruptly deleted her Twitter account Sunday after engaging in a heated digital debate with disgruntled devotees who called her out for skipping Grammys 2022.

And the social media spat ended with the “Up” performer allegedly wishing death on a Twitter detractor’s mother.

“I bet your son wouldn’t like for you to be on your a- – while teasing us fans and never dropping music,”

Seethed a cyber scolder to Cardi, 29, who — despite being nominated for Best Rap Performance — opted out of attending the 64th Grammy Awards.

To that, the “WAP” rapper commented: “I hope your moms die,” in a since-deleted thread of foulmouthed tweets.

The online criticisms aimed at Cardi came amid a flurry of admonishments from fans

Who were disappointed that the native New Yorker pulled a no-show on music’s biggest night.

Cardi went on to tell one upset fan to “drink acid” and advised another complainer to “suck d- -k.”

Shortly thereafter, Cardi announced she’d be deleting her Twitter account in the name of safety.

In the wake of her shady jabs, internet peacemakers have called Cardi out for disrespecting innocent members of the autism community.