Billie Eilish to Coachella crowd: ‘Sorry I’m not Beyoncé’

Billie Eilish made history on Saturday as the youngest artist to ever headline the Indio, Calif., music festival

But took the moment to shout out 2018 headliner Beyoncé.

“Thank you, Coachella! I’m sorry I’m not Beyoncé,” Eilish, 20, told the crowd.

Earlier in her set, the “Bad Guy” singer also joked that she “should not be headlining this s–t,” 

Adding that she was “so f–king grateful” to perform on the legendary stage.

“This is such a dream come true,” she exclaimed. “I feel crazy.”

Eilish also outlined her “three rules for the night” at one point,

 Which included not judging others, not being “an a–hole” and just “having fun, bitch.