August Alsina Sings About Jada Pinkett-Smith

Jada Pinkett Smith's ex August Alsina referenced their "entanglement" on a new song following the 2022 Oscars.

During the awards show, Jada's husband Will Smith slapped host Chris Rock after a poorly received joke at her expense.

Amid fallout from the Oscars, August released a new song that alludes to his unconventional relationship with Jada – dubbed an "entanglement."

On the song, titled Shake the World, the New Orleans native rapped: "Well, of course some s**t is bound to go down when there's a billion dollars on the elevator.

"Well, of course some s**t is bound to go down when you tangled up with the world's favorite."

Many fans assumed the line was a reference to their romance, which she and her husband opened up about on Red Table Talk.

August has made a number of references to the relationship in previous songs.

On a track called Entanglements, he rapped: "The definition of entanglement is when you tangle in the sheets.

"Girl, I know that we don't call it a relationship but you're still f**king with me."

The musician previously revealed that he and Jada had been romantically involved in July 2020 during an interview with The Breakfast Club.