The iPod Touch is being discontinued

The iPod as we know it is officially dead.

 Apple announced that it’s quietly discontinuing the $199 iPod Touch, the latest version of its iconic MP3 player

 The iPod Touch is currently available on Apple’s website as well as most big third-party retailers such as Amazon and Walmart.

Considering virtually everyone uses their smartphone as a music player, what’s the point of buying an iPod these days?

It has access to the trove of apps and games on Apple’s App Store, meaning kids can play Roblox, watch their favorite YouTube videos or jam out to

This could also help prepare the youngsters in your life for their first handset

Finally, Apple’s newest iPod may hold some appeal for old-school or minimalist users who truly want a device just for playing music

Smartphones fill up fast with apps, photos and messages, so serious listeners who prefer to download rather than stream could get a lot out of a dedicated music player

 The latest iPod is effectively a slimmer iPhone SE, packing a vibrant 4-inch screen, a decent 8-megapixel camera and an Apple A10 Fusion processor that delivered smooth performance for apps

Fortunately, the latest iPod Touch remains a great buy for kids, digital music snobs or hardcore Apple collectors.