73-year-old Calhoun County woman claims $1 million Powerball prize

There were no Michigan winners in the $632 million Powerball drawing

Calhoun County woman has claimed a $1 million Powerball prize from the December 11 drawing

73-year-old Alma Weimer

matched the five white balls which were 3, 25, 44, 53 and 64

She bought her winning ticket online at MichiganLottery.com

Weimer said, I rarely play the Powerball game, but I saw a pop-up about the large Powerball jackpot

I logged in on the app and thought: ‘Why not?’ and purchased five tickets

I logged on to the app the next morning, there was a pop-up telling me I won $1 million

Once I called the Lottery to confirm it was real, I couldn’t believe it. It is such an unbelievable feeling.

Weimer recently visited Lottery headquarters to claim her prize