10 thrifty ways to spend less on food and fuel

1. Buy in bulk Buy in larger quantities and they’re significantly cheaper per gram.

2. Invest in energy-saving gadgets Pressure cookers and air fryers might be pricey up front, but they pay you back in reduced energy bills

3. Opt for no-cook meals Using the oven and hob eats up fuel, so while the weather’s warm plan to make perhaps two meals a week without heat

4. Use the whole vegetable Don’t throw away the trimmings

5. Make soup! Ramp up the flavour of on-the-turn veg by roasting them with seasoning and spice before whizzing into soup with veg stock

6. Prolong the life of herbs Larger packets are less £ per gram, but they need careful storing

7. Put a lid on it When bringing water to the boil on the hob, cover the pan as it significantly reduces the heating-up time

8. Make friends with your freezer Freezers are the way forward for making your shopping cost-effective

9. Tackle food waste Employ your freezer to prolong the life of surplus food, too.

10. Embrace your microwave It costs less per kWh to reheat leftovers in the microwave than in the oven

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